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Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology

Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology


The Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology (PMCB) Graduate Program is one of the most comprehensive graduate programs in Plant Sciences. Our success is a result of our interdisciplinary emphasis, award-winning faculty, uniquely collaborative environment, innovation focus and state-of-the-art facilities.

Our faculty is deeply committed to helping students develop as scientists and compete successfully for the best positions available in plant research. We have a close-knit and diverse group of students who form a vibrant and supportive community.

Our students gain an extensive plant sciences knowledge not only by taking specialized courses, developing outstanding bench skills, and sharpening scientific writing skills but also by presenting their research in scientific meetings, publishing manuscripts and creating their own opportunities.

  • General Resources

    Guidelines and Policies for Students and Faculty 

    PMCB Student and Faculty Handbook 
    The PMCB Student and Faculty Handbook provides all the official rules, policies, regulations, and deadlines to be followed by both graduate students and faculty in the program. The handbook also assists students in successfully fulfilling requirements of the University of Florida Graduate School.

    PMCB Student Guide
    This guide assists our incoming PMCB graduate students in making the most of their graduate life at UF and Gainesville. There is a wealth of information available online and through social media about what UF and Gainesville offer. We hope that the PMCB Student Guide will serve as a starting point about housing, transportation, getting involved at UF and some of the most important services that UF offers.

    New Graduate Student Orientation
    This orientation is split into two parts. You can view part one here, and then view part two here. 

    Graduate Catalog
    The UF Graduate Catalog is administered by the Graduate School and is the University of Florida’s official record of graduate policies, critical dates, deadlines, course descriptions and faculty members. The current and past Graduate Catalogs provides all the official regulation on graduate committees, academic honesty, tuition and fee waivers, registration requirements, courses and credits, awarding of degrees, among others. Rules are not waived for ignorance. Any exceptions to the policies stated in the Graduate Catalog must be approved by the Dean of the Graduate School.

    Agreement: UFBOT AND GAU
    Here you can view the agreement between the University of Florida Board of Trustees (BOT) and Graduate Assistants United (GAU), United Faculty of Florida. This agreement is the source for official policies for Graduate Assistants, such as appointments, reappointments, terminations, workload, leaves of absence, and similar. 

    GSC Updates
    Here you can see the latest information from the Graduate Student Council (GSC) general body meeting 


  • Student Resources

    Academic Resources for Current Students

    UFID, Gatorlink, and Gator1

    • When you first applied to UF, you were given a UF identification number (UFID), which will always remain your student identification. This number is the primary way to identify you in all university records and transactions.
    • Gatorlink Account
      Every UF student is required to have a Gatorlink email account and to keep up with it regularly. All official communications from the University of Florida, deadline reminders, canceling of classes, or policy announcements, are sent to your Gatorlink account. It will also serve as your log in registering for classes (see below).
    • ID Card ("Gator 1 Card")
      The Gator 1 Card is the official University of Florida picture ID card. Many activities on campus are only available with the Gator 1 card (for example, RTS buses, UF libraries and recreational facilities, computer labs, etc.).

    Registration and Schedule of Courses

    Students register for classes by using the ONE.UF online system. It is the student's responsibility to make sure they are registered for all their required coursework:

    • ONE.UF
      Here you can search course listings in the UF Schedule of Courses, register for your classe, view your schedule, access Student Self Service, view UF news and events, process fee payments, clear your registration holds, enter your directory information, see grades and request your transcripts.
    • Note 1: Alternatively, you can also check the UF Schedule of Courses and select Course Listings for the semester you want to register. A drop-down menu will let you enter the desired department for a full list of courses offered by that department. PMCB courses are listed under Horticultural Sciences.
    • Note 2: DEPT in the section number means department-controlled courses. You need to contact that department to register. Contact Amanda if you want to register for PMCB DEPT classes (for example, PCB7979 (Advanced Research, etc.)
    • UF Dates and Deadlines
      These are the general UF dates and deadlines and you should follow the registration deadlines shown here. If not registered by the deadlines, students will be assessed a late registration fee.
    • Graduate School Deadlines
      Graduate Students should also follow the deadlines established in the Graduate School Academic Calendar.
    • Directory and Emergency Contact Information
      Students are required to update their emergency contact information in the myUFL system every 4 months. Not doing so will put hold on student's records, including not being able to register for classes.

    GatorGradCare Health Insurance

    University of Florida graduate students on an appointment as a research or teaching assistant and Pre-Doc fellow may participate in the GatorGradCare Health Plan. International students are mandated by law to have health coverage during the entire year, including annual breaks.

    Tuition and Student Fees

    The University Bursar (formerly University Financial Services) offers an online fee and tuition calculation, based on residency, first enrolled term of the current degree and course level. Check the University Bursar - Current Students web page for more information.

    Current Students Funding Opportunities

    • UF Graduate Student Council (GSC) offers up to $350 in reimbursement-based grants to cover travel-related expenses for graduate students to present research or participate in professional development at a professional conference. Reimbursement may cover conference registration, transportation, and lodging.
    • UF Graduate School offers a number of funding sources available at UF and outside the university.
    • Dissertation by the UF Graduate School offers funding sources to help UF doctoral students without financial support finish their degree program.
    • External Funding Opportunity Resources by the UF Office of Research is updated weekly with both internal and external funding opportunities.
    • Financial Aid Bulletin Board by the UF Graduate School lists fellowships, grants and scholarships offered by organizations outside UF.
    • UF College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) shows fellowships, scholarships, teaching awards, travel grants and additional funding resources available to all CALS graduate students (PMCB is within CALS).
    • UF Office of Graduate Minority Programs (OGMP) offers a number of opportunities that strive to recruit and mentor graduate students in minority and underrepresented demographics to UF.
    • UF Foundation lists general UF scholarships and fellowships available to University of Florida students. Use ‘graduate’ in the scholarship/fellowship search option.
    • USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) offers fellowships to graduate and pre-doctoral students in the agricultural sciences.
    • National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program supports outstanding graduate students in NSF-supported science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines who are pursuing research-based master's and doctoral degrees at accredited U.S. institutions.
    • International Student Research Fellowships program offered by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) supports outstanding international pre-doctoral students studying in the United States who are ineligible for fellowships or training grants through U.S. federal agencies. Note that only students nominated by their host institutions can apply for the fellowship.
    • National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate Fellowship is available to applicants who are citizens or nationals of the United States and intend to pursue graduate study in one of its 15 supported disciplines.

    Critical Dates and Deadlines

    All graduate students are responsible for complying with program and university policies, regulations and deadlines, as set by both the PMCB Program and the University of Florida Graduate School.

    • Graduate School - it supports graduate student success via a number of offices that provide the essential information, education, and structural foundation every student requires to graduate. These offices include Administration, Editorial, Records, Data Management, and the Division of Graduate Student Affairs offices of Graduate Minority Programs, Graduate Professional Development, and Graduate International Outreach.
    • Graduate Catalog - contains the University of Florida's official graduate policies, critical dates, deadlines, course descriptions and faculty members.
    • PMCB Deadline Checklist - check the PMCB deadlines as listed in the appropriate Student and Faculty Handbook for your cohort

    Deadlines for Graduating Students

    The semester you graduate is usually hectic so it is crucial to plan ahead to comply with all UF requirements. The Graduate Editorial Office oversees the thesis and dissertation process and offers assistance in meeting UF’s high standards for electronic submission and digital archiving. For a sucessful submission to the Editorial Office, follow these steps:

    • Apply to graduate: Also called degree application, this is the first step to graduate. Apply at ONE.UF for the semester in which you plan to graduate by following the deadline listed HERE. Degree applications do NOT carry over from semester to semester (you will need to re-apply to graduate the following semester if you miss any of the listed deadlines.
    • Follow the Checklists provided by the Graduate School as they are are THE MOST important documents for graduation. There are two checklists you need to follow: 1. Dissertation Checklist provided by the Editorial Office for students graduating with a Ph.D. degree and 2. Graduation Checklist provided by the Graduate Records office.
    • Meet with the ASC: Before you begin writing and long before submitting your dissertation to the Editorial Office, set up an appointment with the Application Support Center (ASC). They will ensure that students pass first submission requirements of the Editorial Office. They will check the format of text, graphs, figures, etc. but will not check content. Consult the General Format Requirements and Format Guidelines provided by the Editorial Office. Students can also register for one of the free ASC workshops.
    • Obtain the Transmittal Letter: Doctoral students are required to submit this letter signed by their advisor before First Submission to the Editorial Office. Please request this form with Amanda TouchtonNOTE: Although the letter states the dissertation is “complete”, additional content can be added, changed or removed. The word “complete” simply means the formatting is complete and your dissertation includes all the required sections.
    • Schedule Exit Seminar: all students are required to present a public exit seminar. Please provide the date and time, title and location of your seminar to Amanda AT LEAST two weeks in advance.
    • Obtain Documents to Sign: There are several forms that need to be prepared for your defense. Please request these forms with Amanda Touchton. You will have to return all completed, signed forms to Amanda to be submitted to the Grad School.
    • Commencement and Degree Certification: Information on commencement (ceremony schedule, ordering regalia, dates, etc.) and certification of degrees can be checked HERE.

    Note: The PMCB Program requires doctoral students to have at least one first author publication in a peer-reviewed journal in their research field. Please send a link to your first-author publication to Amanda Touchton.

  • Suggestion Box

    The PMCB Program is providing an anonymous suggestion/comment box for members of the PMCB Program to voice concerns about issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion within our program, and to provide suggestions for change. We cannot trace any information back to respondents.

  • Curriculum
  • Core Courses and More
  • Syllabi
  • Elective Courses - Fall
  • Elective Courses - Spring


The Office of the University Registrar publishes the official current and archived Schedule of Courses, which always supersedes the schedules listed here. Students register for classes using the online UF Student Self Service, also known as ONE.UF. Check the website of the Department offering the course for an updated syllabus and further information.