Description & Schedules

Core Courses

First year PMCB students, whether in the Ph.D. or M.S. degree program, are required to complete four core courses during their first fall and spring semesters.

Course Course Title Credits Offered by Semester
PCB 5065 Advanced Genetics 4 PMCB Fall
PCB 5530 Plant Molecular Biology and Genomics* 3 Forest Resources Fall
PCB 6528 Plant Cell and Developmental Biology** 3 PMCB Spring
BOT 6935 Plant Biochemistry 4 Biology Spring

* formerly PCB 5530 Plant Molecular Biology
** formerly PCB 6528 Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology

PMCB Journal Colloquium

In addition to the core courses, students are required to take at least one credit of Journal Colloquium (JC) every spring and fall semesters until completion of their degrees. These courses are usually weekly discussion courses, which typically focus on analyzing the primary literature, enhancing critical thinking and professional development.

PMCB offers some JC topics as PCB 7922 Journal Colloquium. However, students are encouraged to attend other JC topics offered by UF’s many departments or units. JC topics need to be related to the student’s research interests or professional development.

Course Course Title Credits Offered by Semester Offered
PCB 7922 Journal Colloquium 1 PMCB Fall & Spring
TBD TBD 1+ Other Depts Fall & Spring

PMCB Research and Special Topics

While conducting research, students may register in research and special topics courses, as listed below. To register for these courses, please contact Eliana Kampf.

Course Course Title Credits Offered by Semester
PCB 6937 Topics in PMCB 1-4 PMCB any
PCB 6971 Master's Research 1-6 PMCB any
PCB 7979 Advanced Research 1-12 PMCB before candidacy
PCB 7980 Doctoral Research 1-15 PMCB after candidacy

Elective Courses

PMCB requires that Ph.D. students take a minimum of 6 elective credits in addition to the core courses. PMCB students can take any UF graduate level course (5000 or 6000 level) that met their research interests as electives. These elective courses can be taken any semester after students pass their written exams. Elective courses are usually taken during the second and third years and are decided in conjunction with the student’s advisor and committee.

Below are some graduate courses offered by PMCB faculty. This list is not exhaustive and elective courses that PMCB students can take are not limited to these courses. Note that these courses are offered by different departments or programs. To register for any of these courses and get further information, contact the specific departments offering the course, as listed in the table.

Fall Semesters
Course Course Title Credits Offered by
BOT 6508 Proteomics Theory & Practice 3 Biology
PCB 6685 Population Genetics 4 Biology
ZOO 6927 Statistical Principles Biol Sciences 3 Biology
HOS 5306 * Molecular Biol Plant Hormones 3 Horticultural Sciences
HOS 6345 * Environmental Physiology 4 Horticultural Sciences
HOS 6201** Breeding Perennial Cultivars 3 Horticultural Sciences
HOS 6236** Molecular Markers Plant Breeding 3 Horticultural Sciences
PLP 6502** Host-Parasit Interaction 1 3 Plant Pathology
PLP 6636** Frontiers Plant Biotechnology 3 Plant Pathology

Spring Semesters
Course Course Title Credits Offered by
AGR 5307 Molec Genetics Crop Improvement 3 Agronomy
AGR 6325L** Advanced Plant Breeding 3 Agronomy
PCB 6555 ** Intro to Quantitative Genetics 3 Forest Resources
HOS 5242 Genetics & Breeding Vegetable Crops 4 Horticultural Sciences
HOS 5743 Phytochemicals in Food & Health 3 Horticultural Sciences
GMS 6231 Genomics & Bioinformatics 3 Genetics & Genomics
GMS 6014 Appl Bioinformatics in Genetic Res 3 Genetics & Genomics
PLP 6303 Host Parasite Interaction 2 3 Plant Pathology
PLS 5241C Advanced Plant Micropropagation 4 Environmental Horticulture
BCH 6740 Structural Biochemistry 4 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

* courses only offered in even years
** courses only offered in odd years

The Office of the University Registrar publishes the official current and archived Schedule of Courses, which always supersedes the schedules listed here. Students register for classes using the online UF Student Self Service, also known as ONE.UF. Check the website of the Department offering the course for an updated syllabus and further information.