PMCB in the Community

An important part of graduate training is to learn to communicate science. Specialized instruction on speaking to scientific and public audiences reinforces students’ ability to share science. PMCB fosters opportunities for student integration and presentation in scientific and community forums. PMCB students share knowledge with eager young minds by participating in science fairs, lectures, and more.

Science Fair Judging and Project Mentoring

Our graduate students have served as both science fair judges and project mentors in local public schools. Students help public school kids develop their science projects, from coming up with an idea, setting up an experiment, testing a hypothesis, analyzing the data, reaching a conclusion to communicating the results.

Presentations at Public Schools

PMCB students are also engaged in presenting talks and demonstrating experiments to K-12 students in several local public schools. Engaging kids with simple but exciting experiments will boost their interest in plant science.

In this video, Dr. Kevin Folta and PMCB graduate students talk to third graders how plants live and grow.

Specialized Workshops

With the support of an NSF I-Cubed Award, Jennifer Parker developed a protein training workshop for 15 high school students. Highly motivated students participated in a five-day, hands-on, protein analysis based workshop where they conducted experiments from start to finish. Topics included plant-pathogen interactions, protein purification, western blotting, and mass spectrometry.