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  • Kevin Folta awarded the 2016 Borlaug CAST Communication Award

    The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) announced that the prestigious 2016 Borlaug CAST Communication Award went to Dr. Kevin Folta, Chair of the Horticultural Sciences Department, and PMCB faculty with IFAS/UF. A teacher, mentor, researcher, and organizer, Folta focuses on clear, credible information. He knows how to communicate science to non-scientific audiences—and how to train scientists, farmers, physicians, and students to perform public outreach in scientific or controversial topics.

  • Best presentation awards at the 2016 PMCB Workshop

    Congratulations to Chris Barbey, Angélica Sanclemente, and Leslie Kollar! These students won the 2016 PMCB Workshop best presentation awards which recognized the oustanding quality of their research and presentation skills. The competition is open to all graduate students attending the PMCB Workshop and helps cover travel expenses to conferences and other educational events. Chris, a PMCB student with Kevin Folta, won $1,000 for first place. M. Angélica Sanclemente, PMCB student with Karen Koch, and Leslie Kollar, Biology student with Stuart McDaniel, won $500 each as runners-up.

  • PMCB scientists closer to finding key to converting algae to biofuel

    Elton Gonҫalves, a PMCB 2015 graduate, and Dr. Saba may have found a key to converting algae to fuel. This March 2016 UF/IFAS press release describes their discovery of the ROC40 protein in the development of superior strains of algae for biofuel production, which has been accepted for publication in The Plant Journal. Elton is currently an associate research scientist with the Algal Research Consortium, New Mexico State University and the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico.

  • PMCB student selected as 2016 UF 3MT© finalist

    Natasha Sng, PMCB doctoral student with Anna-Lisa Paul, was selected as one of the 10 finalists in the 2016 UF Three Minute Thesis (3MT©) competition. This communication competition challenges graduate students to make a compelling presentation on their research topic and its significance in just three minutes. It helps students develop academic, presentation and research communication skills and the capacity to explain their research to a non-academic audience.