Available to Incoming Students

Successful PMCB students are supported by a variety of University of Florida research assistantships and fellowships. PMCB students are not required to teach to receive their stipend and are usually hired as research assistants. PMCB Graduate Research Assistantships include a competitive stipend, medical insurance and full tuition waiver.

Every Fall semester, the program awards a limited number of rotation assistantships to students seeking a Ph.D. First year students on rotation assistantships complete short research projects in three different faculty laboratories and select a final Ph.D. advisor by the end of their second semester with PMCB.

Non-rotating Ph.D. students (also called ‘direct admits’) and Master’s students must identify a major professor willing to financially support their program of study before gaining admission to the program.

Research Assistantships

Our Assistantships usually offer a stipend of $25,000 for each 12-month year, depending on funding sources. Assistantships also include tuition waiver and health insurance coverage (see GatorGradCare). Students on research assistantships register for 24 credits annually (9 each Fall and Spring; 6 in Summer C). Students may be responsible for payment of student fees (approximately $1,000 annually). Students are required to maintain an overall graduate GPA of at least 3.0, make good progress towards their degree, meet all expectations as noted in the PMCB Graduate Assistant Annual Evaluation, and fulfill other duties assigned by their advisor and the PMCB program.

Graduate School Fellowship Program

The Graduate School Fellowship (GSF) is the highest graduate student award available at University of Florida. Funded at nationally competitive levels, these highly prestigious awards support students in all programs and departments of University of Florida awarding a Ph.D. or MFA. Successful applicants have outstanding undergraduate preparation, a strong commitment to their field of study, and demonstrated potential in research and creative activities. It provides a full 4 years of support in stipend and tuition waiver for qualifying students. The Graduate School Fellowship stipend is currently $22,000 per year. The GSF is allocated directly to PMCB. The program decides internally among those newly accepted students who will be awarded the GSF.

Grinter Fellowships

The Grinter Fellowship helps recruit truly exceptional graduate students to the University of Florida. The awards are made to new Ph.D. students entering the University in the Fall semester. Awards are usually between $2,000 to $4,000.

Additional UF Funding

The University of Florida offers a number of other financial aid options to help incoming graduate students secure the necessary funding to pursue their educational goals: