How to Apply

Guidance for Prospective Students

The deadline to apply for fall 2018 admission is January 1, 2018.
(PMCB only offers admissions in the fall semesters)

Before starting your application, please make sure you meet all the criteria listed under PMCB Admissions: REQUIREMENTS.

Two UF units evaluate your application to the PMCB Program: the UF Office of Admission (which determines your eligibility for admission to University of Florida Graduate School) and the PMCB program (which determines your eligibility to our graduate program). Each of these units needs specific materials from you, so make sure you send all the materials below to the correct unit before the deadline.


Information about expected qualifications to apply.


Description of the various sources of funding available to students.


Information about available graduate degree programs.

Non-U.S. Students

Guidance for international prospective students.

Get started!

Please follow these steps to apply to the PMCB graduate program. After you have submitted your application, you cannot alter your information, except for letters of recommendations, for which you can update contacts and send reminders as necessary. However, you can send PMCB additional information or updates.

  • 1.

    Step 1. Online Application

    Fill out and submit your Online Application to the UF Graduate School. In addition to providing the information requested, please make sure that you:

    • request online your three (3) letters of recommendation from scientists who can attest to your potential as a graduate student
    • submit online your letter of intention
    • submit your curriculum vitae online
    • pay the $30 fee (you can identify up to 3 UF degree programs in different departments or centers; each one will have access to your application information)
    • get a UF ID number (keep this number to access your application status).
  • 2.

    Step 2. Transcripts & Scores

    Send the following to the UF Office of Admissions, PO Box 114000, 201 Criser Hall, Gainesville FL 32611-4000, 352-392-1365 (phone), 352-392-2115 (fax):

    • your official online GRE test scores. International students need to send their TOEFL scores in addition to the GRE. NOTE: These scores need to be received directly from ETS. Use code 5812 (UF Institutional code). Scores arrive and are recorded at the University about 2-4 weeks after they are ordered.
    • official transcripts (with official English translations, if appropriate).
  • 3.

    Step 3. Email PMCB

    Send the following to

    • copies of your GRE & TOEFL scores (can be scanned)
    • copies of your transcripts (can be scanned) NOTE: you still need to send your official GRE & TOEFL scores and transcripts to the UF Office of Admission. PMCB asks for copies because it may take several weeks for your official documents to become available to us.
    • an email which states your UF ID number (assigned to you when you paid the $30 fee online) and indicates that your application is complete and ready to be reviewed. NOTE: Make sure ALL your letters of recommendation have been submitted and other requirements have been met.
In case we need additional application material, PMCB will contact applicants directly. PMCB cannot forward mail to other UF offices, such as UF Admissions Office or UF International Center.